Saturday, May 28, 2011

Voters To Decide On Fairgrounds' Future

Voters To Decide On Fairgrounds' Future

Election Commission OKs More Than 11,000 Signatures

Davidson County voters will have a chance to determine the future of the state fairgrounds.
The Davidson County Election Commission voted Thursday to certify the petitions collected by the Save My Fairgrounds group. The referendum will be put to the voters as part of the Nashville General Election to be held Aug. 4.
Voters will not decide whether to keep the fairgrounds and all its activities intact. If the referendum passes, it would take a super majority of council members -- 27 -- to close the fairgrounds.
"We had 21 votes last time to save it," said fairgrounds supporter Neil Chaffin when the petitions were turned in to the Election Commission office on May 16. "It would take a lot more work to get six other votes."
The Save My Fairgrounds group submitted 15,700 signatures to be considered. During Thursday's meeting, the Election Commission was told by Metro Law that the number required to place the issue on the ballot was 6,742, based on the number votes cast in the August 2010 General Election, not the 15,702 signatures the organization was told prior to the deadline.
The Election Commission had certified more than 11,000 signatures prior to Thursday's meeting.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Karen Y Johnson for Metro Council Website

So excited about the new campaign website.  Hope you will pay a visit to learn more about candidate Karen Y. Johnson for Metro Council.  Thank You!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Women want higher profile in Metro, City Paper reports

Joey Garrison at The City Paper has written an excellent piece about women in Metro Government. The story points out that a growing number of women are seeking seats at the table by running for office.

Garrison also mentions the outstanding workshop held recently by Women in Numbers (WIN), where women candidates learned about some of the powerful tools we can use to increase our numbers in public office.

I have been fortunate to participate in WIN's activities, along with other organizations working to increase the voice of women in public service. I am currently president of the Tennessee Women's Political Caucus and served previously on the board of the Nashville Women's Political Caucus.

As women, we must seek out opportunities to serve. No matter our party affiliation, religion or race, whether we are mothers or daughters, professionals or homemakers, Tennessee women have so much to offer. We can make a difference.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pretty day for a Pig Pickin with the Vice Mayor

Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors invited everyone out Friday to her "occasional" Pig Pickin', and she couldn't have picked a nicer spring evening. We gathered at Rolling Mill Hill, where the view of our great city is spectacular. Best of all, I ran into so many friends.

Take a look at this lovely blown glass goblet featuring, you guessed it, a pretty little squiggle-tail pig!

Among those attending were State Rep. Gary Moore; Councilman-at-Large Jerry Maynard; Lynda Jones, President of the Davidson County Democratic Women; Phyllis Williams; Richard Exton; Marisa Richmond; Stewart Clifton and Nancy VanReese

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank a teacher today

As we mark National Teacher Day today, say thanks to someone you know who teaches.

It cannot be said enough: These dedicated men and women play such a crucial role in the lives of millions of American children. For many kids, a teacher makes the difference between success and failure in life.

Remember: It all starts with a teacher!


Monday, May 2, 2011

More photos from the crowd at Gran Dale

Again, let me say how much I appreciate all the folks who turned out Saturday for our meet-and-greet at Gran Dale mansion. The crowd went far beyond my wildest expectations!

Most of all, thanks for giving me a chance to hear what matters to you and your families. That's why I'm in this race -- to serve YOU in the Metro Council.

More photos:

Hickory Hollow Cleanup gets the job done

THHAP (The Hickory Hollow Action Partnership) recently held a very successful cleanup day, and I really enjoyed participating.

Many thanks to THHAP for helping to revitalize the Hickory Hollow area, which is so very important to families in District 29.

More information at their Web site:

Summit addresses student safety outside of school

Cheryl Mayes, the School Board member for our district, recently helped organize the Metro Board of Education Student Safety Summit. I was delighted to be invited to participate in a session dealing with what we can do from the out of school/Youth Services perspective and what we can we do to provide summer programs and recreation services. These discussions were led with expertise by School Board Member Dr. Sharon Gentry and Hal Cato, Executive Director of the Oasis Center.

As a former member of the School Board, I am grateful to our education leaders in Metro for pro-actively addressing these issues. As a candidate for Metro Council, I'd like to hear what residents of District 29 feel is important with regards to our children and the time they spend outside of school.

More pictures from this important event:

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A statement on the killing of Osama bin Laden

From Karen Y. Johnson, the proud wife of a United States Marine:

"Our hearts fill with gratitude for the courageous Service Men and Women who brought down this killer. America's top priority has been fulfilled.

"We were 'united as one American family after 9/11,' as the President said, and we are united now as one nation under God."

Tremendous turnout at Gran Dale

Thanks to all of you who came to my meet-and-greet Saturday afternoon at Gran Dale mansion. We had a tremendous crowd -- the first time so many people had a chance to see the newly renovated historic treasure.

It gave me a chance to hear what matters to the residents of District 29 and to find out what they expect of their representative on the Metro Council. Learning about their hopes and concerns, their expectations and their needs will drive my campaign.

We really enjoyed the jazz by Amanda Bridgette and her ensemble, and the home-cooking from Carol Ann's Home Cooking Cafe -- some of the great talent in District 29.

Again, thanks to all who came. Please keep the ideas coming. I need to know what YOU need.