Saturday, May 28, 2011

Voters To Decide On Fairgrounds' Future

Voters To Decide On Fairgrounds' Future

Election Commission OKs More Than 11,000 Signatures

Davidson County voters will have a chance to determine the future of the state fairgrounds.
The Davidson County Election Commission voted Thursday to certify the petitions collected by the Save My Fairgrounds group. The referendum will be put to the voters as part of the Nashville General Election to be held Aug. 4.
Voters will not decide whether to keep the fairgrounds and all its activities intact. If the referendum passes, it would take a super majority of council members -- 27 -- to close the fairgrounds.
"We had 21 votes last time to save it," said fairgrounds supporter Neil Chaffin when the petitions were turned in to the Election Commission office on May 16. "It would take a lot more work to get six other votes."
The Save My Fairgrounds group submitted 15,700 signatures to be considered. During Thursday's meeting, the Election Commission was told by Metro Law that the number required to place the issue on the ballot was 6,742, based on the number votes cast in the August 2010 General Election, not the 15,702 signatures the organization was told prior to the deadline.
The Election Commission had certified more than 11,000 signatures prior to Thursday's meeting.

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