Saturday, November 10, 2012

Please pray for the family of Wayne Jones Jr

Please pray for Jones Family. Our community lost coach Wayne Jones Jr. who was very active serving others most especially children in our community.|topnews|text|

Funeral arrangements still pending.

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From: Patton, John (MNPD)
Date: Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM
Subject: FW: Death Of 2000 Una Alumni
To: "Karen Johnson (Council Member)"
With saddest regards, I'd like to announce the death of a UNA Alumni. Wayne Jones Jr., the son of Wayne Jones Sr. and Sonya Jones expired yesterday, November 7, 2012. He died doing the thing that he loved most and that was playing football as a freshman for Tennessee State University. Wayne started in our program as a five year old and played until he was twelve years old where he finished up on our Triple A team. He had always come back to the park along with other alumni during Saturday games. Take time out to keep Wayne Sr. and Sonya in your prayers. The Pee-Wee team will play at halftime of the Brentwood Academy/Briarcrest football game at Brentwood Academy on November 9, 2012. We are requesting from Brentwood Academy a moment of silence in Wayne Jones' honor before we take the field. Funeral arrangements are incomplete at this time. I will update everyone once the arrangements have been completed. Life is a simple thing and God holds all the answers. Sometimes we're not privy to His master plan. What we don't understand bothers us sometimes, however, we should remember that all things have some purpose. Coach John Patton

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