Saturday, November 10, 2012

Site 27 Daycare Property in Nashboro - Planning Commission Action Update

As an update from Thursday November 8, 2012 Planning Commission Public Hearing Site 27 Daycare – property next to Gran Dale Manor The Legislation was passed as submitted with conditions to ensure the safety of children and with the fencing options agreed upon by the steering committee for Nashboro, the developer and planning. Fencing in the legislation included wrought iron, brick, stone, aluminum or wooden consistent with other fencing within Nashboro Village. This keeps in tact the character of Nashboro and holds the developer in writing to standards and conditions set by the community. The Planning Staff deleted only 1 condition which I concurred with on behalf of the community as this condition for the number of children is required by the building codes division for metro and the state department responsible for daycare regulations. The condition for landscaping was approved as submitted but the wording was refined and revised to reflect the metro code language. The purpose for the steering committee for Nashboro placing the landscaping requirement in the legislation was to screen the play area and protect the children.

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