Saturday, January 12, 2013

Community Meeting for Proposed Zoning Change at Old Murfreesboro Road for Thursday, January 17 at 6:30 pm Una Church of Christ

OL, Office Limited District. The OL district is designed for moderate intensity office development, being appropriate for areas where concentration of office and /or mixed commercial areas are intended. If warranted, this district may be employed as a land use transition between higher density residential areas and noncompatible commercial or industrial uses.
IWD, Industrial Warehousing/Distribution District. The IWD district implements those industrial policies of the general plan that provide opportunities for wholesaling, warehousing and bulk distribution uses. This district also may be used to implement major transportation policies of the general plan. By their nature, the principal uses of this district require relatively flat, large acreage tracts of land and may generate large volumes of heavy truck traffic, necessitating very good access to major arterial streets and the interstate system. Some businesses also may require direct rail or river access.

Above is the meeting notice for an upcoming community meeting (Thursday January 17 at Una Church of Christ 6:30 pm) regarding a proposed zone change to a car lot at old murfreesboro road and smith springs road.  

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