Monday, February 25, 2013

Smith Springs Road Water Project - Road Closure

***If you travel Smith Springs Road, below is information on the Water Project and the timeline for completion. Please share with other neighbors who may be affected by the closing of this stretch of Smith Springs Road. Thank you.***

Metro Water Services’ Water Improvements in Smith Springs Road
In an effort to improve water services, Metro Water Services is in the process of transferring water service connections from an older water main to a second parallel water main that is newer. The location of this work is in Smith Springs Road from Ned Shelton to Bell Road. The older water main has reached its useful life and Metro Water Services has been experiencing more leaks and more frequent water main breaks and related water service interruptions. The transfer of these water service line connections will allow Metro Water Services to abandon this older water main. This is standard practice as older water infrastructure is taken out of service. Metro Water Services expects to have the service line transfers completed by the end of the week of February 25, 2013 pending any unanticipated emergency repairs (that may pull resources away from this location) and/or inclement weather. Metro Water Services’ Crews have been and will continue to be placing temporary cold mix paving in these excavations until such time that Metro Public Works will come back and install more permanent pavement. This cold mix type of paving is temporary and in some cases not as smooth as more permanent paving. The more permanent (and smoother) pavement placement will be performed under Public Works Patch Paving contract. This work will commence once Metro Water Services completes their service line work. Metro Water Services will continue to monitor the condition of this temporary paving and responding to any reports of problems. Later, Metro Public Works will release a contract to place new pavement over the patches and blend into the road surface past the limits of the current construction. The schedule of this paving work will be determined asap. Reports of any water and/or temporary paving problems should be made to Metro Water Services by calling 615-862-4600 or by e-mail to

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