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Update on Vandelized Businesses Meeting and Castlegate Wall Update

Update from below meeting with the business owner of the strip center off Anderson Road where the Dollar General, Cleaners, Subway, China Spring and Mapco are located. 
In response to the below news story.
A Chinese restaurant and cleaners were vandalized overnight last night also in Antioch on Anderson Road, about 5 miles away from the Antioch Pike incidents. The Double D Cleaners was heavily damaged inside while the front glass door of both businesses were smashed. Police are still looking for those suspect(s).
It is unknown at this time if the overnight incidents on Sept. 26 and Sept. 27 are related.



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From: J Michael Wood <>
Date: Sun, Sep 29, 2013 at 10:09 AM
Subject: Re: collapsed wall
To: K Johnson <>, Gaby LaVone <>
Hi Karen,
No one knows what happened to the sign. I have asked the construction company to include the sign in the estimate for the insurance company.
You can let everyone know that I am taking care of the repair, and that I will be out of pocket for $1,000 for the deductible. If anyone would like to help with some of that, I would be grateful.
Do you have any thoughts about a redesign of the center portion as I described or would the neighborhood consensus be to keep to the original design?? You can take a poll if you like, as I am OK with whatever everyone likes.
Let me know what they decide.
Thank you.

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From: J Michael Wood <>
Date: Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 7:59 PM
Subject: collapsed wall
To:, gaby LaVone <>

Hi Karen,
Please share with everyone that I have already got my insurance company to accept responsibility, and have already gotten the contractor (mason) to repair the wall.
I have a $1,000 deductible on the insurance that I will be paying out of pocket.
It would have been helpful instead for someone to contact me, the owner of the wall, it they had noticed a problem that might have been avoided. Two weeks is a lot of time for talking and no action which, as you can see, I know how to do.
If anyone would like to contribute to my $1,000 deductible, it would be appreciated.
 I have also spoken to Leah, and my neighbor across the street about how to repair the wall. It may be we decide to update the design or leave it as is.
My thoughts, if we redesign, would be to leave the two ends as is, but maybe lower the center, and mount the CASTLEGATE sign on top of the lowered portion.
I was not made aware that there was a problem until last Sat. morning after it apparently collapsed on Friday night when the insurance adjuster said the buildup of water inside with the high winds during that storm finished it off.
I personally move the stones, that had gotten into the street  back from the right away.
J Michael Wood, PBMC, OBDS, MMQ, www.5virtuesqigong.com615-366-8940, 5 Virtues Medical Qigong


A special thank you is extended to Castlegate homeowner Cassandra for bringing to my attention the broken wall at the Castlegate Entrance on Sunday, September 22.  I was not notified regarding the crack prior to Ms. Cassandra bringing this issue to my attention.  In speaking with neighbors around the intersection and wall on Sunday, September 22, I learned as shared by Mr. Sharpe who lives on the corner, that there was a crack that was supposedly created by the contractors that placed the traffic light up and that a emergency meeting was held at the home of Mr. Sharpe by the Castlegate Civic Club Neighborhood Association 2 weeks prior.
In speaking with Public Works Mr. Macy and Stansell Electric Representative Mr. Gaines, I learned that there was not work done with regard to the light on the Castlegate entrance side that had the crack of which is now broken.
I would like to share that in speaking with other Metro Departments that have STONE MASONRY PERSONNEL that if this had been brought to my attention and if I had subsequently made them aware, that a request could have been made for their consideration (even though the wall is not Metro's and they are not responsible for the crack).  Efforts could have been made for the wall crack, if I and others had known, for it to be sealed before it collapsed. (This was shared with me yesterday, Friday, September 27.)  I AM PLEASED TO SHARE THAT I AM WORKING WITH TWO METRO DEPARTMENTS AND A RESIDENT OF CASTLEGATE THAT WORKS FOR A STONE MASONRY COMPANY WHO HAVE SHARED THEY MAY BE ABLE TO HELP FIX THE WALL AS A COMMUNITY SERVICE.  I WILL KEEP EVERYONE POSTED IN REGARDS TO THIS.  
Below is an email communication that I received with regard to wall as well. Also below are the pictures that I took Sunday September 22, Metro on September 12 and Stansell on September 27 in order listed.

In terms of answering questions on the look and aesthetics of the light.  Metro does not install Black poles and black backing on its lights. All new lights are standard and are no longer stringed....all are underground. (Examples of areas where private entity's have paid for these type lights is in the Belmont, Vanderbilt and Trevecca Nazarene University corridors). 
(Also MDHA funds projects that are in qualified census areas).The increased cost for these type lights is absorbed by a private entity.  Feel free to contact Metro Public works for more information at 862-8716.  If you look at the lights at Valley View Drive for example in the nippers corner brentwood area they are the same as our light.  The Castlegate light was approved after I took office due to the appeal of prior denials because of safety reasons.  A child died at this intersection and that was one of the key elements that led to the approval.  The light at Castlegate is a special light due to the complexity and uniqueness of the intersection. 

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From: Bobby Gaines 
Date: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 1:52 PM
Subject: FW: Smith springs
To: "" <>
   We have looked at the wall today which you can see by the pictures attached. Stansell Electric didn’t do any work on that corner. We feel  the wall falling is do to some other reason than are work. We also have pictures dated 09/12/13 showing the wall standing which I have if you were to need.

Bobby Gaines
Vice President
Construction Division Leader
Stansell  Electric Company, Inc.
615.369.4083 office

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From: Macy, Mark (Public Works) <>
Date: Fri, Sep 27, 2013 at 4:17 PM
Subject: Castelgate Wall/entrance
To: "Karen Johnson (Council Member)" <>
Cc: "Raines, Michael (DCSO)" <>, "McCoy-Jones, Stacy (PW)" <>, "Knauf, Chip (Public Works)" <>

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From: Amy Goldschmidt []
Sent: Friday, September 27, 2013 1:20 PM
To: Knauf, Chip (Public Works)
Cc: Hirtzer, Mike (Public Works)
Subject: FW: From Vivian Wilhoite

We didn't have any work on the corner in the photos.

Amy S. Goldschmidt
Project Manager - Construction Group

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From: Amy Goldschmidt
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2013 9:47 AM
To: 'Hirtzer, Mike (Public Works)'
Subject: RE: From Vivian Wilhoite

I was out that way this morning on another project and grabbed a couple of photos.  The wall that is "damaged" is more like falling apart.  If it was hit, it was hit by the homeowner behind it as the wall bows out.  The corner in question is the corner opposite the cabinet at Castlegate.  Looks like the wall is crumbling.

Amy S. Goldschmidt
Project Manager - Construction Group

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From: Hirtzer, Mike (Public Works) []
Sent: Thursday, September 12, 2013 7:15 AM
To: Amy Goldschmidt
Subject: RE: From Vivian Wilhoite


        I will ride out there & CK it out, could have been an auto accident or some other incident not related to your work.

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From: Amy Goldschmidt []
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:32 PM
To: Hirtzer, Mike (Public Works)
Subject: RE: From Vivian Wilhoite

The last time we were out there cleaning up was August 1st and that was to raise the box in the drainage ditch closer to the church.

Amy S. Goldschmidt
Project Manager - Construction Group

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From: Hirtzer, Mike (Public Works) []
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:11 PM
To: Amy Goldschmidt
Subject: FW: From Vivian Wilhoite

You have any knowledge of this?

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From: Macy, Mark (Public Works)
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 3:08 PM
To: Knauf, Chip (Public Works)
Cc: McCoy-Jones, Stacy (PW); Hirtzer, Mike (Public Works)
Subject: FW: From Vivian Wilhoite

Pls look into this and contact Ms Prince.  Thanks

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From: vivian wilhoite []
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 1:49 PM
To: Macy, Mark (Public Works)
Subject: From Vivian Wilhoite

A very good friend of mine lives in the Castlegate area where the new traffic lights were installed on Smith Springs road at Clearlake.  Ms. Lena Prince (contact # of 615-403-1056) stated that their community wall which bears the Castlegate name was damaged and also their signage was removed.  Ms. Prince is one of the leaders of the Castlegate group.  Could you please have some contact her.  She is the point person for the matter of concern.  I hope that you can help them get this resolved.


Vivian Wilhoite

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