Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AntiochTenn Newspaper Publication - Karen Johnson seeks re-election in District 29

AntiochTenn Newspaper Publication

Karen Johnson seeks re-election in District 29

Editor's note: Karen Johnson is running for Metro Council District 29. This is part of a series of editorials by candidates for various Metro Council Seats. All running in the Antioch area were invited to submit editorials.

Time flies when you are doing something you love, so it's hard to believe I've been working with many of you on our neighborhood issues for 26 years. When I first got active in our community at the early age of 19, I had no idea that I would one day be representing our district on the Metro Council.
My first opportunity to serve in Metro Government came as a member/commissioner with the Metro Nashville Board of Zoning Appeals, where I championed neighborhood issues.  This was a non-paid position, but I believe it was very important work for our neighborhoods and our city.
I then moved on to serving as your elected member of the Metro Nashville School Board and as a member of the Metro Board of Parks and Recreation.  All of these experiences enabled me to be a voice for our area.
I have to admit: It was very hard to juggle community service, the early years of a career and my family.  But, I did this because I truly love our area. I came to learn that if we were going to preserve our community's character, someone from among us had to be on these boards and commissions, where so many decisions are made that affect neighborhoods.
There was a strong sentiment that our area was continually being left out of prosperity and quality-of-life improvements in the way of infrastructure and other amenities.  This is why I have chosen to work for our area.
My passion is simple.  I want to help make our area better, and each and every day I wake up, I work to that end.
I ask for your vote and your support for my re-election because I want to continue working with you to move our district forward.  We have made tremendous progress.
Together, we have succeeded in keeping good retail establishments and our golf course. We have added beautiful new bus shelters and much-needed tornado sirens. We have attracted new jobs and retail to our area.
In our schools, we have caught our area up with state-of-the-art programs: an International Baccalaureate program at Antioch High School like the ones in the Hillsboro and Hillwood clusters and greater pre-k opportunities. We have added much-needed new community centers, new schools, and secured money to upgrade our parks, like Una Recreation.
We are on an upward trajectory, but we have much work to continue with storm water, roads, paving, transit and other quality-of-life improvements.  If given the opportunity to continue serving you, I will work tirelessly to ensure our property values keep rising and that our overall quality of life improves.

Thank you. 

You may learn more about Karen Johnson at her campaign's website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed.


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