Friday, August 28, 2015

Reminder Today Ribbon Cutting for Smith Springs Elementary today Friday August 28 at 10:30 am


Monday, August 17, 2015

Reminder Community Meeting Tonight on Zone Change for 1827 Murfreesboro Pike

Please make plans to attend a community meeting being held to learn why the owner of 1827 Murfreesboro Pike wants to change the zoning at the end of Councilman Duane Dominy's council term.  I am sharing this because many expressed concerns about the closed down Phillips 66 gas station across from Una Church of Christ converting to a eyesore type operation.  The concerns expressed were if any zone changes should take effect along Murfreesboro Pike, that they not allow similar type businesses come along this corridor.  Currently, there are no used car lots and the only make shift car repair business along this stretch is the one currently operating with significant codes concerns.  When the conversion of the gas station took place, concerns were shared as to why codes and planning would not have required buffering and landscaping to hide the unsightly activity which was in the view of many a use change which should have required these things.
Currently Murfreesboro Pike in the Southeast area is one of the the only corridors in our city without used car lots.
At the last Metro Council meeting when the public hearing took place, I shared your concerns with Councilman Duane Dominy and he agreed to do a community meeting.  He asked me earlier this week if I had found a location for him to have a meeting.  I called Una Church of Christ and was able to secure this location.  He mailed cards to all property owners surrounding this area and I have been asked to share this same information with you, who may be concerned, to give everyone the opportunity to learn what the owner's plans are for the zone change.
Metro Planning Staff will be in attendance to help answer any questions.

Please Join District 28 Councilman Duane Dominy
Community Meeting
Monday, August 17, 2015
7:00 p.m.
Una Church of Christ
1917 Old Murfreesboro Pike

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss a proposal for the lot at 1827 Murfreesboro Pike, which is the Closed Regions Bank Teller Drive Thru

Please plan to come and bring a neighbor!
Your Input and Concerns are Important!

Facilitated by District 28 Councilman Duane Dominy

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

All are Invited to Watch the Election Returns Thursday August 6 at H&T's Homecooking beginning at 6:30 pm

Everyone is Invited! Please Join Neighbors to watch the Election Returns at H&T's Home Cooking Thursday August 6, beginning at 6:30 pm!

GNAR Supports Councilwoman Karen Y Johnson for ReElection to the Metro Council

GNAR Supports Councilwoman Karen Y Johnson for ReElection to the Metro Council

District 29 Neighbors our property values are rising and Nashville's Realtors have endorsed your Councilwoman for Re-Election! Thank you to President Cindy Stanton and the many outstanding Realtors most especially our district's very own Realtor Rick Messick, Realtor Leneiva Head and Metro Nashville Property Standards Commissioner Realtor J.R. Andy Herrell for your confidence in my service to District 29 and the city of Nashville!

School board, consider Angela Huff for superintendent

School board, consider Angela Huff for superintendent

Karen Y. Johnson, For The Tennessean 12:02 a.m. CDT August 1, 2015  

I am expressing support for MNPS director candidate Angela Huff, who graduated from our Metro Nashville public school system and has worked her way up from a teacher, principal, assistant administrator to now chief of staff at Cobb County Public Schools, which has a diverse student population of 111,000 students.
Huff comes from a family of educators, as her own mother retired from our Metro Nashville public school system after 28 years of service as a teacher.
I attended Huff's public interview and didn't know Huff prior to her being presented to the Nashville community at the interview held at McGavock High School.
I was impressed by the turnout, which was the largest of all three candidates, where her specific responses, poise and genuine care for all children came through.
As anyone knows, working your way up helps prepare you for leadership.
As an example Glenda Glover graduated from Tennessee State University, and she has built a very successful career working her way up over many years and has since come back to Nashville and is successfully leading the university.
Angela Huff could be that same bright light for our children and this city.
I and others are only asking the school board to continue the interview process with Huff.
There was strong support from many regarding her skills, background and the fact she is a product of the very system we all are wanting to see succeed.
The request is for the school board, who publicly stated that we had three capable and qualified candidates, to please consider moving forward because at least one of the remaining two is capable, qualified and a shining example of the success of our Metro Nashville public school system.
She is a product of it and has the experience on the level needed to lead it.
In closing, this is only a request, as the decision rests with the school board.
In hiring anyone, those doing the hiring have to be comfortable that whoever is selected is the right fit for the board, the system and our city, and I and so many others respect each of the board members in getting it right with the selection of our school system's next leader.
Please consider seriously the candidacy of Angela Huff. Thank you.
Karen Y. Johnson is a Metro councilwoman for District 29.

Story Highlights


  • Huff is a product of Nashville's schools and worked her way to a top education leadership role.
  • It is ultimately the school board's decision, but many feel as I do.
  • She was one of three finalists and is capable for the job.